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Yellow Butterfly Winery
For over five years one of “Ohio’s Most Unique Wineries” has offered its wide variety of wines to guests near and far. Nestled in one of Ohio’s most beautiful settings the Yellow Butterfly Winery is an enchanting and peaceful place where guests can truly eat…drink and be merry!

We hope you’ll enjoy the video story of our first five years. We thank you for your support.
A Winery Is Born
Est. 2010
Welcome To Yellow Butterfly Winery
A Very Unique Ohio Winery

Dear Friends

As a child being raised there were some very clear rules when visiting others…”never stay for dinner…always say thank you and be home before the lights come on.” It’s amazing that the importance of these rules to me still remain, even today especially the one about saying thank you. That’s why I’ve started this letter by saying “Thank You To The Friends Of The Yellow Butterfly Winery”. It is because of you that we were able to conclude a successful fifth season and can now look forward with great anticipation to our sixth.

We’re not sitting smugly on our wine corks and Knosh plates though. Our goal is to make our sixth season the best yet. New wine varieties are coming, our winery upgrade program is continuing and we’re expanding our weekday specials. So as we enter our sixth season we do say Thank You from The Yellow Butterfly Winery…you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!

The Yellow Butterfly Winery season begins Saturday March 7th.

Michael & JoAnn White


Enjoy Our Wine Tasting

Visit our Tasting Bar and sample any of our Fruit, Sweet, Semi Sweet or Dry Wines for only a dollar. All of our wines are produced on the grounds. The Yellow Butterfly Winery is housed in an almost 100 year old bright yellow barn. Experience our multi-level deck and one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Ohio. All guests purchasing full and half cases receive 10% OFF.
Fine Wines Just For You

We’ve just introduced two new wines. Sincerity is a semi-sweet white wine with a mellow taste just right for sipping on the deck. We’ve also added to our fruit wines with Raspberry Razzmatazz a sweet raspberry and apple blend. The flavor will make you want more. Fruit wines at the Yellow Butterfly include Apple, Apricot, Blackberry, Peach and of course Raspberry. The Yellow Butterfly Winery also serves several sweet, semi-sweet and dry varieties of wines. Our winemaking facility is within eyeshot of our brand new porch with great Amish rocking chairs.

Eat…Drink & Be Merry

The Yellow Butterfly Winery continues to expand its food offerings. We have our traditional Saturday night BBQ dinners with a rib and chicken combo along with steak cooked to your request. Each dinner comes with two sides and our exclusive wine cake. Reservations requested. We’ve also started serving Saturday Mexican lunches. Cubano Wraps, Mexican Flatbread and Chicken Fajitas all served at the winery. Also starting early summer the Yellow Butterfly will begin serving an extended Mexican food offering on our Friday Siesta.
Alpacas At The Winery

Every spring several of our alpacas come over from the main farm to visit for the summer. Meet them as they come up close to the deck or walk through the pastures and visit with some of the most beautiful creatures ever born. Their beauty is only matched by their unique fiber which is of the highest quality. Alpaca socks, yarn, scarves and teddy bears and more are available in our gift shop the NOOK.

Wednesdays at the Yellow Butterfly Winery are a great excuse for getting away from it all. Our Runaway Wednesdays do it all. Yes, it's great wine and a fabulous gift shop called the NOOK...but it's the day we go crazy with our best sales for one day a week only...WEDNESDAYS of course!!!

More On Runaway Wednesdays - Click Here



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